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Company profile

Leading consultancy

Globeteam helps large and medium-sized companies and organizations.  We offer the services of some of the market’s best consultants and we ensure that our employees are updated on the latest knowledge about processes and technologies.

Globeteam’s consultants solve tasks within these areas:

  • Business process management and IT governance 
  • IT infrastructure and Microsoft’s product range 
  • Development of software, architecture and tests
  • Consultancy and implementation of ERP systems.


In addition to deep specialization and wide experience, years of cooperation have given Globeteam a thorough understanding of the customers’ particular business challenges. 

Because of the size of our consultancy, we are able to offer specialist assistance within a broad field of expertise. And we handle complex projects in all its stages: analysis, management, completion, tests, and final implementation.

We are capable of manning the tasks from the beginning to the end – at all levels. Finally, we master several development methods; the structured as well as the more agile processes.

We take a focused and innovative approach to both the minor tasks and the large projects that we handle and most importantly, our advice is always centred around the customer. 


Globeteam A/S

Virumgårdsvej 17A
DK-2830 Virum

Phone: +45 7026 2970
Fax: +45 7026 2980